Celebrating 30 years of industrial soundproofing!

Industrial soundproofing

30 years of industrial soundproofing


Thirty years ago Mr. Theodor Argoudelis started his career specializing in industrial soundproofing and noise control in a small warehouse of Athens Greece.

The interest in mechanical and industrial soundproofing was generated during his early studies as a mechanical engineer and after his graduation he had the opportunity to work in acoustic research but also develop some ideas for innovative noise control products.

Noise in most industries is a serious Health issue that affects the employees and their health. It can also be a significant environmental noise problem that requires soundproofing to meet comfort or legal standards.

Therefore the noise receiver in industrial applications is not only the workers (occupational noise) but also the nearby noise receivers like nearby houses etc.

Our contribution to industrial soundproofing…

 Our Approach

Since the early 80’s and our first team members involvement to industrial soundproofing and noise control for all types of mechanical noise sources, we crossed the line of pure acoustic consultancy and we tried to manufacture solutions that would enable people to solve their problems. Especially the era before the internet, it was very crucial to offer complete solutions that would not just be limited in acoustic consultancy, acoustic measurements and acoustic reports, but would also provide certified acoustic solutions that would practically solve the problem.

Therefore we designed, tested and manufactured acoustic solutions that would enable acoustic engineers to resolve acoustic projects regarding industrial sound proofing and noise control. Simultaneously with the product development division, we developed the acoustic consultancy by purchasing up to date acoustic software and concentrating a lot in seminars and acoustic publications. Our company today is manned by several acoustic consultants with Masters degrees not only specializing in industrial soundproofing, mechanical noise control but also concentrating in vibration isolation in building and MEP applications.

1) Acoustic doors

Acoustic doors for studio

Acoustic doors ALPHAfon‐AD are an advanced noise control product, that can be used not only for industrial sound proofing but for building noise insulation as well. Our experience combined with our academic and technical research at the National Polytechnic University of Athens, has enabled us to offer a solution that guarantees high standard quality and sound proofing.

Acoustic doors ALPHAfon‐AD are available in two different types: Metal or Timber and they can be fabricated in different sizes in order to cover all possible requirements.

2) Noise Barriers

Ηχομονωτική διάταξη για ΗΜ

The metal noise barriers ALPHAfon-MB are one of the most widely used products for industrial soundproofing. It is composed from a galvanized metal sheet at the external side and perforated metal sheet for the internal side.

The two ends of the metal barrier are properly formed (male-female) in order to achieve perfect sound sealing but also to improve its bending strength.

Internally, it is filled with sound-absorbing material, mineral wool, hydrophobe, with appropriate density, cover with thin glasswool cloth making it applicable even in the most extreme industrial soundproofing conditions.

With metal noise barriers ALPHAfon MB acoustic canopies can be fabricated, utilizing its industrially made characteristics with some customized solutions that fulfill ergonomic, aesthetic and acoustic project requirements.

3) Acoustic louvers

Acoustic louvers in factory

Acoustic louvers ALPHAfon-AL are available in a number of colors and in 3 basic materials: galvanized metal sheet, aluminium and stainless steel. They can be a solution for majority of soundproofing projects that require noise control but also air flow.

ALPHAfon-AL has semi aerodynamic horizontal sound absorptive inclined louver blades.

They are scientifically formed to combine low pressure drop, rain protection and increased soundproofing.

4) Generator soundproofing

Sound canopy for generator - Copy

Generator sound insulation cover ALPHAfon – IC is used for noise control of the small and big sized generators to minimize the emission of noise in generation sets.

The frame of the product is made out of standardized aluminum or of a metal profile, it’s lower horizontal part can be supported either on the ground or on the metal frame of the generator. The soundproofing panels are made out of specially shaped galvanized steel foil filled with fire safe absorbing materials.

Acoustic doors can be installed in every side of the cover. Their exact position is determined according to each specific need, so that the maintenance of the generator is best facilitated (e.g. placed in front of oil-filters, oil pumps, etc.). The doors are equipped with a special revolving handle and two hinges.

Specially designed sound attenuators are installed in the air intake and exhaust. These sound attenuators provide a low reduction of air pressure and do not have an adverse influence in the cooling of the generator.

5) Sound insulation cabins

Acoustic booth for musicians

Sound insulation cabins ALPHAfon-CB offer a quiet environment in noisy industrial spaces achieved by the sound proofing capabilities of the acoustic panels.

The internal side of sound insulation cabins ALPHAfon-CB are covered partially with special sound absorptive materials, for optimum acoustical environment in the internal of the cabinet, which makes the cabin a comfortable environment for industrial soundproofing applications.

6) Sound attenuators

Sound Attenuators

Sound attenuators ALPHAfon-SA are used in applications in air ducts installations that require noise reduction and low pressure drop. Typical applications are air conditioning ductworks, cooling towers, ventilation systems. ALPHAfon-SA reduces noise in workplaces (offices, industries) households, other buildings (hotels, hospitals, theaters etc) and also reduces noise emitted to the environment, by achieved high standards of industrial soundproofing.

Noise reduction via Sound Absorption

Absorbent material (usually porous) are not suitable for noise insulation and that is because a large ratio of the energy propagates through their mass. On the other hand the high-density materials are good in sound insulation (due to the law of mass) but bad absorbers. Hence it is not suggested to choose an absorbent material for noise insulation purposes, however when noise insulation techniques cannot be applied due to several restrictions, reducing the noise by increasing the sound absorption in the space is often the most suitable method.

In an enclosed space the sound energy consists of two elements: direct noise and reflected noise. By increasing the sound absorption the reflective field is reduced hence the pressure on the separation walls. That concludes in reducing the noise level reaching the receiver.

Utilizing the above acoustic theory principal we have designed and fabricated acoustic baffles for a wide range of applications and projects. The product is under the commercial name of Acoustic Baffles / ALPHAfon-AB

The above six soundproofing and noise control products are just some indicative products manufactured by us in our 30 years journey in industrial soundproofing and noise control.

Solving acoustic problems is our passion and we strive for constant improvement and further solutions that will resolve industrial soundproofing but also building soundproofing problems.

For more information regarding our products, inquiries regarding specific projects and technical advice, do not hesitate to contact us at info@alphacoustic.com          .

Thank you for all your support and collaboration over the years!

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