Generator Soundproofing in Nigeria

We have recently completed the acoustic study and the implementation of the proposed sound proofing interventions in a prestigious project in Nigeria, which we would gladly like to announce. The solution was a combination of acoustic doors and metal noise barrier used to create an acoustic enclosure around the Gen Set. Specifically ALPHAfon MB was used to a great extend which is presented in the photos.

Our experience in mechanical engineering, ergonomics and primarily acoustics, enabled us to design a structure which was practical and sound-proofing efficient at the same time.

The specific project was carried out with the contribution of our local partner that visited the site and provided us with fruitful information in how to proceed.

See the project photos in the gallery above and do not hesitate to contact us at for technical clarifications and queries. Our acoustic engineers would be happy to respond to your questions in order for an adequate acoustical solution to be provided. For any project around the world, our reps will be able to assist, visit the site, carry out acoustic measurements and guarantee an adequate engineering results.


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