Expanded Range of Building Soundproofing materials ISOLFON

We would like to inform you about the expansion of the range of soundproofing materials and soundproofing products of ISOLFON range.
Additionally to sound absorbing egg-shaped type products (ricofon) and other other sound absorbing foam, the range is completed with soundproofing materials for soundproofing wall, ceiling soundproofing and soundproofing products for applications in the automotive and shipping industry.
The main products of the soundproofing is ISOLFON Barrier used to increase the mass which is generally useful in lightweight plasterboard partitions. By so providing soundproofing wall coverings and light structural elements.
The acoustic ISOLFON BARRIER film produced by viscoelastic elastomeric high density EPDM and like most soundproofing materials in category ISOLFON, is environmentally friendly as it contains no asphalt or other harmful materials that would make the material non-friendly wall soundproofing for domestic and professional applications.
Also main material category with soundproofing products are ISOLFON PB. Reasons of mechanical and acoustic specifications can be used in a wide range of applications where flexibility with soundproofing materials required fire resistance, higher rate in soundproofing and easy application.
The application is very easy and mounted with adhesive on flat or curved surfaces such as pipes, drains, caps etc. For better soundproofing joints should overlap.
For applications in the automotive and shipping ISOLFON Fire X is an easy to implement and highly effective solution.
It is a more complex issue diastromatosis of soundproofing materials. The sound absorbing foam FireX used, specially impregnated (impregnated) flexible polyurethane foam with excellent fire performance and low smoke emission. In apparent sound-absorbing side is strongly bonded investment FGT (fabric glass fiber – glass fabric) which protects against heat and flame, mechanical stress, moisture, oil and dust.
The internal sound-Barrier membrane consists of elastomer, viscoelastic sheet surface weight 5 kg / m2, to increase the sound insulation behavior of the product.
For more solutions on soundproofing materials and solutions in soundproofing mechanical issues, industrial and noise concerned you can contact us at 2106779875 and speak to any of the specialized our engineers in matters relating to acoustic insulation, sound absorption and cushioning .

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