Collaboration with Sinergi Acoustic in Indonesia

Alpha Acoustiki is happy to announce its partnership with Sinergi Acoustic consultancy in Indonesia. This partnership will further promote our anti-vibration treatment solutions in Indonesia as Sinergi Acoustic is a key player in its field.

Sinergi Acoustic is a professional consultant agency in Acoustic Architecture & Soundproofing in Jakarta, founded by Samuel Kevin. Since 2014 they have worked on dozens of national & international scale projects where sound performance is a priority, such as auditoriums, concert halls, cinemas, recording studios, karaoke rooms, home theatres, office buildings, hotels and others.

Sinergi’s chief strength lies in its consulting team comprising acoustic engineers, audio engineers, architects & interior designers who have extensive educational backgrounds and international certifications. Equipped with professional tools (software & hardware) that analyze, predict and simulate, they provide the most effective & efficient solutions for their clients.

For more information about Sinergi Acoustic please visit their website:

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