Before and After Acoustic Improvement t at Training Room/Office

Acoustic Treatment

The acoustic improvement from ALPHA ACOUSTIKI proved successfully in correcting the acoustics of the training room/office at the premises of a multinational company. 

Before (1:08) – After (1:38)


The initial reverberation time was 2.5 seconds (1:08) resulting in a lot of disturbance that reduced communication level and productivity. After the installation of ALPHAcoustic – AP Acoustic Panels and ALPHAcoustic – AB Acoustic Baffles the reverberation time was successfully reduced to just 0.6 seconds. (See 1:38 and listen the difference)

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI’s executives have a cumulative of 40 years of experience in the field of Architectural Acoustics. Also here you can see a complete presentation of Architectural sound-proofing and Acoustic Treatments. 

In this specific project in Athens, Greece due to the size and setup of the training room/office, required substantial sound absorption in order to achieve acoustic improvement and reduction of the reverberation time of the space.

High reverberation time makes a room very lively which is not appropriate for an office, as it creates distraction and annoyance. To resolve the problem ALPHA ACOUSTIKI performed detailed acoustic analysis in different locations of the premises.

This determines the the noise levels along with the frequency spectrum which helps us to choose the appropriate strategy. The video presents another successful project that the ALPHAcoustic – AP and ALPHAcoustic – AB were used, improving the architectural acoustics.

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