NEW Bass Traps for low frequency sound absorption

mpasopagides basstrap metsovio

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI in a continuous effort for improvement of its products has recently designed and built an innovative sound- absorbing low-frequency component (bass traps) under the name ALPHAcoustic-TRAP.  It is well known that low frequencies due to their increased wave length are not easily absorbed especially in small recording studios and music spaces. For example 100 Hz frequency tone has a wavelength of about 3.5 m. This makes it very difficult to be absorbed by porous materials.

In order to create a reliable product which can effectively absorb low frequencies , our R&D department studied different types and sound- absorbent combinations for optimizing absorbing low frequencies. Then we constructed a large number of specimens, which were tested in the laboratory’s reverberation chamber of Athens Technical University and were measured in accordance with the principles of ISO 354: «Acoustics-Measurement of Sound absorption in a reverberation room».

The results of this groundbreaking research were presented at the National Conference of Acoustics in Corfu in 2012 by Mr. Theodore Argoudelis entitled “Experimental research and development of low-frequency sound absorption”

The ALPHAcoustic-TRAP bass traps are diaphragmatic in order to absorb lowest possible frequency range.

Based on our acoustical knowledge and the experience gained , we can differentiate the internal diaphragm materials of the bass traps to effectively target different areas of sound- absorption , depending on the needs of each application.

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