Wooden Acoustic Panels

ALPHAcoustic ‐ WP

ALPHA coustic‐WP are wooden sound absorptive panels that improve the acoustics of a hall and can be used in different combinational formations to satisfy any architectural requirement of each room.

Available in different types and perforation, designed to improve the acoustics of a hall

Wooden acoustic panels can be installed on walls and room ceilings such as:

Technical Characteristics
Sound Absorption coefficient (according to ISO 354.2003)
o Type 1: 300 mm air gap and sound absorptive material
× Type 2: 50 mm air gap  and sound absorptive material

– Fabricated from standard core MDF wooden sheets. The panel surface can be timber veneer, melamine coated or painted in different colours.
– The standard panel dimensions are 60×60 cm and 120×60 cm but can be customized depending on the requirements of each application.
– The perforation can be circular or grooved with various perforation percentages.
–They can be installed in such a way, so they can be fixed on a surface or be removable.

In all applications, the characteristics of the Acoustic Panels need to be specified by the acoustic consultant. Aspects like requested quantity, perforation and distance from the wall or roof need to be taken into consideration, to achieve the optimum acoustic performance for each case.

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