Acoustic Creations with WOOL Felt


woollen hexagon acoustic panels

ALPHAcoustic – Woollen is a new series of acoustic creations using specially treated sheep’s wool (Wool Felt). This natural acoustic product is made from sustainable woollen fibres and can be used in a wide range of applications, including hanging panel systems from the ceiling, intermediate vertical interior partitions, wall panels in combination with other sound-absorbing materials, the coverage of some furniture surfaces and many other applications according to the imagination and requirements of each customer.

Its natural fibres come from a rapidly renewable resource (hair that grows naturally in sheep), due to the composition of natural wool it is considered being biodegradable. The design of Wool Felt contributes to green building certification LEED© and Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method BREEAM for Health and Wellbeing.

Because of their very good acoustic properties, creations using wool felt can reduce annoying noise reflections and resonant acoustic field, improving acoustic comfort, offering a better acoustic environment.
These panels can be produced in many shapes and shades (based on our very rich colour palette) so they can meet the high architectural requirements of each project.

The application possibilities are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Acoustic Creations with Wool Felt can be produced in the following types:

ALPHAcoustic Woollen.Wall

gingko woollen acoustic panels

Wall-mounted acoustic system available in customizable dimensions and shapes, satisfying the aesthetic and acoustic needs of every space. Wall felt creations can be fixed on the wall, having a self-adhesive tape on the back.

ALPHAcoustic Woollen.Fly

yellow woollen felt cloud

New series of acoustic flying panels, suspended with steel cables that can provide sound absorption overhead, both as a single object or as a group, with colourful and modern aesthetics.

ALPHAcoustic Woollen.Diviso

woollen acoustic partitions

Suspended acoustic Divider system designed to provide varying degrees of privacy and flexible space division with visual and acoustic separation, but at the same time keep the open space feeling.

The following are the basic types of

ALPHAcoustic – Woollen.Diviso:


Fix hanging partition that is suspended by means of steel cable directly from the ceiling.

acoustic partitions

Sliding suspended divider system from the ceiling. It includes a rail track system (up to 5 channels) and is an efficient solution in order to quickly open and close off the area and maximize space.

woollen acoustic partitions

Rotating sound absorptive vertical Blinds made of woollen felt that can mount in front of translucent glass surfaces, offering sound and light diffusion for privacy and comfort.

woollen acoustic window blinds

Our R&D department can also design and produce bespoke solutions. 

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Technical Characteristics

Composition: 90% WO – 10% PL
Standard thicknesses: 3.5/5.5/6.5 mm
Width: 150cm
Sound Absorption: αw=0.45 (H) (ISO 11654)
Flammability: Cigarette Test (EN 1021-1) (BS 5852 ign. 0) – Pass
Match Test (EN 1021-2) (BS 5852 ign. 1) – Pass
Classe 1 IM (UNI 9175/1987) – Pass
Colour fastness to light: 4-5 (UNI EN ISO 105 B02)
Care instructions:
Colour Variation: Wool felt is a natural material and colour variation is an evidence of its natural origin. For this reason, the colour codes of the product are only indicative.
Variations in temperature and humidity can expand or contract the fibres affecting the size and shape of the felt.
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