Wave Form Acoustic Cloud Object

ALPHAcoustic – Kima

ALPHAcoustic – Kima is a sound absorptive, wave form acoustic cloud object. The wave shaped acoustic panel, with its rectangular concave & convex form provides a vibrant and unique look. Inspired by the eternal movement of the waves and the sea, the panel can complement the interior aesthetics of a commercial, office or any interior building space with its vibrant and energetic look.

The acoustic cloud wave form panel is steel framed and totally wrapped with acoustic transparent fabrics that are specifically designed to achieve maximum sound absorption at a specific acoustic range band making this not just an acoustic panel but more of a cloud architectural object with advanced acoustic properties. It can be suspended from the ceiling by four flexible stainless steel cables, which are fixed at the backside of the panel.

Dimensions max:  1200 x 1900 mm (rectangular).

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