Trapezoid acoustic panels inspired by the Urban Design Project

ALPHAcoustic – Urban

ALPHAcoustic – Urban is an acoustic panel inspired by the Urban Design Project. The panel is totally wrapped with acoustic transparent fabric.
The ALPHAcoustic – Urban consists of only two different panel designs that can create endless possible combinations.

It offers reduction of disturbing noise reflections, improving the interior acoustics, reducing the reverberated noise,
offering a better acoustic environment while enhancing the aethetic of any interior space.

Why ALPHAcoustic – Urban:

  • Easy wall suspension system
  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Versatile application combination
  • Light weight
  • Fully recyclable
  • Acoustic transparent fabric cover
  • Fire resistant (incombustible core & frame)

Depending on the requirements of each application and in order to achieve wide range frequency absorption a combination of different sound absorptive materials can be applied.

The acoustic panel ALPHAcoustic – Urban can be produced in different dimensions and thickness upon request.

Some Designs
Some designs

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