Floor-standing self-supporting Sound Absorbing Panels

ALPHAcoustic AM

You can choose between two types of panels
based on their aesthetic presentation.

ALPHAcoustic AM.Ortho

(Rectangular cross-section) 

ηχοαπορροφητικό ηχομονωτικό διαχωριστικό γραφείου

ALPHAcoustic  ΑΜ.Ortho are floor-standing self-supporting sound absorbing office dividers with rectangular cross-sections (Doric style).

They can be used as partitions between similar work spaces and to separate the direct transmission of sound from musical instruments.

They are easy to install and can be removed or moved to rearrange the space, due to the two integrated support legs they have.

ALPHAcoustic AM.Tondo

(Curved cross-section) 

kampylo ixoaporrofitiko diaxoristiko grafeion

ALPHAcoustic – AM.Tondo are floor-standing self-supporting sound absorbing panels with curved edges on the upper free side.

It has been proven by scientific research that curved objects activate parts of the human brain associated with positive emotions.

Main characteristics:
– Sophisticated curved design.
– Harmonious curves that exude comfort, security, intimacy and relaxation.
– They offer an acoustic and aesthetic upgrade of the space.

ALPHAcoustic-AM is a series of floor-standing self-supporting sound absorbing and sound insulating partitions that can be applied to most types of offices. They offer a flexible solution to acoustic problems in open-plan offices, such as accounting offices, call centers, etc.

They are made of a rigid inner frame and covered on both sides with sound-permeable fabric, available in different colors and qualities. Internally, they have suitable absorbent material, which can be covered with an additional internal protection membrane.

They have very high sound absorption, create a better and more productive working environment, isolating office spaces both visually and acoustically.

The Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient according to the international standard EN ISO 11654, is αw = 1.

They are easy to install and do not require special tools. They can also be mounted on a desk, using specially designed fixing parts with easy adjustment, depending on the thickness of the desk without damaging its surface.

Standard Dimensions: 120x170cm (different dimensions can be made on request).

ALPHAcoustic-AM can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to meet specific ergonomic and aesthetic office needs..

Typical applications: – Open space offices – Separation of musical instruments.

Application Photos

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