Multi-Pattern Acoustic Panels

ALPHAcoustic – Multi

You can choose between two design types,
depending on your preference

ALPHAcoustic – Multi.Ortho
(squared edges)

multipattern acoustic panel

ALPHAcoustic Multi.Ortho are multi-pattern acoustic panels with squared lines (orthogonal vertexes), fully wrapped in acoustic transparent fabric.

Typical Dimensions: 82 x 66 x 5 cm (different shapes, dimensions are available upon request).

ALPHAcoustic – Multi.Tondo
(Curved Lines)

πολυγωνικό ακουστικό πλαίσιο με καμπύλες

ALPHAcoustic Multi.Tondo are multi-pattern acoustic panels with curved lines.

Main Characteristics

  • Smooth & flowing Design
  • Soft curves, that suggest comfort, safety, familiarity and relaxation.
  • Can be applied in every living room.

Typical Dimensions: 82 x 65 x 5 cm (different shapes and thickness are available upon request).

ALPHAcoustic Multi reduce disturbing noise reflections (reverberated noise) and improve significantly interior acoustics. Besides a better acoustic environment, they enhance the aesthetics of any interior space with an extensive fabric colour palette to choose from.

They are completely wrapped with sound-transparent fabric combines acoustic treatment with interior architectural elements of high standards.

The multi-pattern panel offers high installation flexibility, with multiple potential combinations and many external cover options. You can adapt it to the aesthetic needs of every project. The irregular shape of this panel provides the absolute creative and expressive freedom.

Because of the high absorption coefficient (αS), the panels achieve a broadband absorption across the frequency spectrum. Sound absorption coefficient (αS) according to ISO 354:2003 and ISO 11654:1997 can vary at will, depending on the absorbing material inside the panel’s core.

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