Modular Acoustic Panels (Puzzle)

ALPHAcoustic – Puzl

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ALPHAcousticPuzl is a modular acoustic panel with a jigsaw puzzle shape covered with acoustic fabric.

Its modular design makes it the perfect selection for any interior designer and acoustic engineer who wants to create a custom vibrant look. The unique shape of the panel allows the possibility to create a personal, minimalistic composition that will assist, not only in the visual excellence of a space but also in the acoustic result needed for each project.
They can be easily placed on the wall like a puzzle with a simple hanging system at the back of the panel or be suspended them from the ceiling with adjustable cables.
The unique design of this acoustic panel makes it applicable in spaces with round and rectangular objects. It also allows having a less restrictive pattern that will not have to be strictly aligned with other building elements. This makes it easier to install and incorporate in a wide range of areas, making the combination of acoustic panels Puzl a standalone solution for installation on a wall or the ceiling. Particularly, it can be used in offices, in classrooms and amphitheatres. It offers high sound absorption in the most critical acoustic surfaces therefore when placed in adequate quantities, it can resolve the architectural acoustic problems that may occur in space.
Within a Puzl pattern of acoustic panels, you can use any colour that you like or even the brand colours of the organisation’s office. This way you can achieve a higher level of architectural identity of the space. The geometric characteristics of the acoustic panels allow 2 options regarding their positioning in a pattern. They can be placed in contact with each other or even allow some gaps between the acoustic panels in order for them to be more spread out on the available surface. Inside the technical catalogues, some indicative pattern ideas are presented. The technical catalogues of the acoustic panels Puzl can be downloaded below.
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Typical diameter: 700mm
Thickness: 50, 80,100 mm
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