False Ceiling Acoustic Panels

ALPHAcoustic – Ceiling

A frameless acoustic panel that replaces false ceiling tiles to create better room acoustics.

ALPHAcoustic – Ceiling are frameless acoustic panels, fully covered with acoustic transparent fabric. They reduce flutter echoes and excessive reverberation and improve interior acoustics, therefore offering a better acoustic environment.

They do not disturb the space visually. Moreover, the panels do not affect the functionality of Air-Conditioning or lighting systems. You can choose from the 32 different fabric colours so that the acoustic panels are best suited to each application. Because of the fabric’s increased sound transmissibility, it does not affect the sound absorption capabilities of the internal material.

Typical Dimensions: 59.3 x 59.3 cm and 119.3 x 59.3 cm
Thickness: 30 ή 50 mm

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