Desk Acoustic Partitions


You can choose between two design types,
depending on your preference

(squared edges)

soundproof office acoustic partitions

ALPHAcoustic -Desk.Ortho are sound absorptive acoustic partitions with squared lines (orthogonal vertexes) for office desks that offer a flexible solution in acoustic problems in offices. They improve sound absorption and offer better acoustic in the working environment. They offer a flexible solution in acoustic problems in open-plan offices, such as accounting offices, call centres, customer support and everywhere visual and sonic isolation is needed.

(curved lines)

acoustic desk partitions

ALPHA coustic -Desk.Tondo are deskstanding sound absorptive and noise insulation partitions with curved lines (smooth vertexes) for office desks. Designed with a refined and elegant shape, with Smooth & flowing Design. Soft curves, that suggest comfort, safety, familiarity and relaxation. They recall the curves of the human body.

ALPHA coustic -Desk offer a flexible solution in acoustic problems in offices, increasing the sound absorption and noise insulation; increasing the productivity of individual employees by offering them a quiet and well-being professional atmosphere.

These panels are made of a rigid internal frame and can be covered on both sides with sound-transparent fabric available in different colors. Its core consists of appropriate sound absorptive material, which can be covered with additional internal protection membrane.

While having great sound absorption performance, it can isolate both visual and sonic distractions to achieve a healthier and more productive working space environment.

They can be easily assembled and there is no need for advanced tools. It can be installed on a desk using a particular fixing mechanism with easy adjustment, without damaging the surface of the desk.

ALPHAcoustic – Desk can be fabricated in any shape and size, in order to satisfy the specific ergonomic and aesthetic requirements of the office.

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