Cycladic Form Acoustic Panels


Inspired by Ancient Greek Art and manufactured with high endurance and excellent quality fabrics. The combination of inside acoustic materials offers a wide sound absorption.

4500 Years ago…..

Kéros is an uninhabited Greek island in the Cyclades. It was one of the most eminent sites that hosted the Cycladic civilization flourished in the central Aegean around 2500 BC. Kéros is mainly noted for the flat-faced Cycladic marble figurines that were found through excavations on the island. Although Cycladic marble figurines appeal to the modern viewer for their almost translucent whiteness, their creators loved the colour and used it liberally on these objects for both practical and symbolic reasons

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels inspired by ancient Greek figurines

Inspiration of ALPHAcoustic – Kéros

After thousand of acoustic panels installations in different spaces we found out the lack of more abstract forms in order for the panels to be adjustable and easy to apply. These forms need to have more smooth curves so they can be easily integrated into living spaces. So that’s how the concept behind the ALPHAcoustic-Kéros came up. Moreover, the lack of geometric shapes contributes to even more flowing and interesting compositions.

Modern forms with smooth curves, fabric panels easily integrated into living spaces. Our technical department will be glad to assist you to improve the interior acoustics environment of your project.

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