Circle Acoustic Panels


You can choose between two design types,
depending on your preference

(squared edges)

circle acoustic panels ceiling

ALPHAcoustic – Kiklos.Ortho is a round sound-absorbing acoustic panel with squared lines (orthogonal vertexes), designed to reduce disturbing noise reflections and improve interior acoustics.

It enhances rooms acoustically and aesthetically by creating a canvas of shapes whilst reducing disturbing noise reflections and reverberated noise.

An easily adapted acoustic element to any architectural design.

(curved lines)

Ακουστική βελτίωση γραφείων

ALPHA coustic – Kiklos.Tondo is a curved circular acoustic panel with curved lines.

Designed with a refined and elegant shape, with Smooth & flowing Design. Soft curves, that suggest comfort, safety, familiarity and relaxation. They recall the curves of the human body.

Specially designed to achieve broadband sound absorption. They can upgrade your personal or working space both visually and acoustically while controlling disturbing excessive ambience and noise.

Main Characteristics

  • Refined and Elegant shape
  • Smooth & flowing Design
  • Soft curves, that suggest comfort, safety, familiarity and relaxation.

Typical Dimensions: 80, 100, 120 cm | Thickness: 50, 80, 100 mm

(Custom shapes, dimensions or thickness can be made as well – upon request).

The core of our acoustic panels can have many options and combinations of eco-friendly materials to deliver the optimum acoustic performance for the specific space for which it is built. Our team of acoustic engineers can help you choose an acoustic panel with the most adequate sound absorption index (αs) for your project according to ISO 354.2003 and ISO 11654.1997

The installation of the acoustical panels is easy, simple and quick. You can suspend them from the ceiling by 3 or 4 flexible stainless steel cables fixed at the backside of the panel.

Our panels are also available with a built-in LED lighting system: Round Acoustic Panels with LED Lighting: ALPHAcoustic – Kiklos.Fos

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