Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels


A series of sound-absorbing panels covered with acoustically transparent fabric ALPHAcoustic Fabric offers flexible solutions in acoustics problems, such as excessive reverberation, disturbing standing waves, or comb-filtering problems. Using those panels, you can achieve the optimal acoustic environment for any living or working space.

They comprise an internal rigid frame, while an acoustically transparent fabric with the colour of your choice fully covers them. For a better visual experience, a custom print fabric of custom-designed graphics of your choice (i.e. brand logos, images, etc.) is also available.

ALPHAcousticFabric: Product Subcategories

The internal core of our acoustic panels can be selected from different options and combinations of eco-friendly sound absorption materials, to offer the optimum performance for any specific room acoustic demand. Our team of acoustic engineers can help you choose an acoustic panel with the most adequate sound absorption index (αs) for your project according to ISO 354.2003 and ISO 11654.1997.

For those looking for acoustic panels with minimal thickness and smooth curved perimeter edges without sacrificing acoustic properties, we have created the new Slim Line series.

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