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ocean diffuser

OCEANOS is an elegant, modern, innovative two dimensional, quadratic acoustic diffuser. Its curved contoured surface has an ocean wave appearance. The aperiodic modulation of asymmetric base shape offers a more uniform sound diffusion.

Based on our experience in acoustic studies, since 1978 and in collaboration with a European team of engineers and scientists, we have created α unique diffuser using QRD array calculation in combination with graphical algorithm editor computational software. Hence, the structural optimization of its complex geometry has been achieved. By using ray tracing simulation and other advanced diffusion prediction software, we have optimized the uniform acoustic diffusion and diffraction on its surface.

Is a thermoformed lightweight ceiling panel, made of a thermoplastic polymer (ABS).

Customisable to any colour on request or by yourself.

Because of its diaphragmatic action, it can absorb the sound energy of low frequencies.

On its basic version, OCEANOS diffuser because of its membrane-type construction can absorb low frequency sound energy.
In case low frequency sound absorption is not desirable, OCEANOS diffuser can be produced with an internal heavyweight overlay, without alteration of its external surface.

Measurements were performed in a reverberation chamber to determine the sound absorption coefficient (αs) of the OCEANOS according to ISO 354: 2003 with and without acoustic filling (30 mm thick polyester fiber slabs iZiFON.30)

The results are presented in the following diagram:

diffuser absorption coefficient curve

Colour: Grey (similar to RAL7042) as standard.
Custom colors can be assigned to third-party painters.
Dimensions: 600x600x110 mm
Weight: ~1.5kg
Acoustic Damping: Possible using polyester fiber (upon request).


  • Cost-effective in comparison with wooden diffusers
  • Impact resistance, higher than polystyrene diffusers
  • Has a new attractive and innovative abstract aesthetic, compare to traditional diffusers.
  • Able to absorb low acoustic energy.
  • Low weight & Easy installation
  • Can be painted in any colour.

For diffusion characteristics, please refer to the technical document.

Oceanos diffusion simulation


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