We are proud to present the results of our recent research in the development of specialized Bass Traps under the brand name of ALPHAcousticTRAP. We have designed, produced and carried out acoustic measurements in a laboratory reverberant room for many types of Bass Traps. These Bass Traps are designed for corner room applications. We have studied the influence of different membrane materials, different shapes, configurations, absorbing fibre materials and other parameters to optimize the acoustic characteristics of the bass traps.

In this way, we have tried to create different sound absorption curves that specifically target in the low frequencies zone. Therefore, we can cover specific needs for sound absorption in low frequencies giving the ability to our customers in making the best selection for every specific project.

They can be covered with luxurious fabric in case that its upper or bottom side is visible. Inside the conic shape enclosure there is a special sound absorption acoustic coat made by ecological sheep’s wool or other polyester fibres board. The front side of ALPHAcoustic-TRAP comprises a wooden batten skeleton frame covered by a breathable fabric (type air mesh according to our sample colour).

As for facilitation of the installation, the two large holes on the back of ALPHAcousticTRAP offers the possibility to hang them from the wall with nails or self – expanding bolts.

The ALPHAcoustic–TRAP can offer an improvement of the acoustic characteristics in rooms especially with restricted dimensions such as auditoriums, recording/mastering studios, control rooms, concert halls, home theatres, music practice rooms, vocal booths, etc. For more information regarding the laboratory measurements of the sound absorption coefficient of ALPHAcoustic-trap please refer to our technical documents.


  • Focused absorption on low-end frequencies
  • Special design conic shape
  • Corner-mounted basstrap
  • Easy installation
  • Elegant professional appearance
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