Bass Traps



ALPHAcoustic-trap bass traps are useful in applications where very low frequency damping is needed. Such cases are usually presented in recording studios, control rooms, concert halls, practice rooms for musicians, home cinema, etc.

They can solve complex acoustic problems, focusing on the absorption of low frequencies, occupying minimal active surface in the room. For this reason, they can be manufactured in 2 dimensions, giving the possibility of application in a wide range of spaces, from small amateur music mixing rooms to professional control rooms.

They have an elegant and professional appearance and can meet any aesthetic need even in the most demanding spaces. Based on the fabric color chart, there is a possibility for a great variety of custom color creation, so that it fits perfectly with the aesthetics of each space.

The ease of installation enables even the most demanding user to place the ALPHAcoustic-trap bass traps at the optimal point, achieving the best result in each area.

Following many months of research and development into low frequency absorption we are pleased to present the results of our research summarized in 14 different types of bass traps. In this way, each musician, sound engineer or engineer can easily decide on the type of bass trap that will be needed in each room based on the acoustic measurements they have performed. More information on all types of the ALPHAcoustic-trap range of bass traps can be found on the technical documents.


  • Very low frequency damping
  • Specially designed shape
  • Corner bass trap
  • Easy to install
  • Professional appearance
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