A Marriage of Acoustics and Lighting



inox acoustic panel

ALPHAcousticiN.Fos is a new series of acoustic panels with a unique innovative pleated aesthetic.
These frames are covered with a very innovative/smart fabric in which its weave contains stainless steel threads (inox), which allow it to maintain its “crumpled” shape. This innovative metal fabric has a translucent / photo-permeability that allows it to illuminate.

Along with the light, this fabric also allows the sound to enter inside and be absorbed by the special sound-absorbing slabs inside, which do not affect its lighting function.
It is processed by hand, creating unique, dynamic, sculpted surfaces reminiscent of a rocky landscape, or a stormy sea with chromatic shades never similar.

Inside the panels, the LED lights are adapted that can cover the lighting needs of each application. Depending on its shape, internally there is a suitable frame and infrastructure for the proper holding of the whole panel.

These panels can be produced in any shape to meet high architectural requirements of each project.

ALPHAcousticiN.Fos can be produced in different shapes and dimensions with different lighting specifications. The softness and the malleability of the wire mesh fabric make it possible to create irregular wrinkles which provide a variety of light reflections. With a slight crumpling, a three-dimensional effect is created with a great visual impact. Its special outer metal fabric can be printed in any color and pattern.

Application possibilities are limited only by your imagination and creativity.

Based on our many years of experience in creating innovative solutions for room acoustics since 1980, we can offer a modern, flexible and efficient system to meet the lighting and acoustic needs of every space.

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