A Marriage of Acoustics and Lighting

Vertical Acoustic Baffles with Lighting


ALPHA cousticAB.Fos is a new series of vertical sound absorbing baffles with LED that combine acoustics and lighting. Named after the Greek word “ΦΩΣ” which means light. These acoustic baffles are hung vertically, wrapped with acoustically transparent fabric and incorporated with linear lighting systems that allow direct and indirect lighting. They are meant to not only provide excellent acoustics but give complete acoustic and illuminative solutions.

Due to the two highly absorptive sides of the baffle, they reduce disturbing noise reflections and reverberated noise, improving interior acoustics and offering a better acoustic environment. At the same time, they can be adjusted to the illuminative needs of every space.

You can choose between three types of panels
based on their aesthetic presentation.


ALPHAcoustic AB.Fos Box

ALPHAcoustic – AB.Fos Box are vertical sound-absorbing ceiling baffles with light with a rectangular cross-section.
They are chosen in applications that have a minimal, economical character and a simple – Doric style.

They are suspended vertically from the ceiling, according to the respective acoustic study.


ALPHAcoustic AB.Fos Combi

ALPHAcoustic – AB.Fos Combi are ceiling sound absorption panels suspended vertically from the ceiling in parallel lines. They carry
linear lighting systems that allow direct or indirect lighting.

They consist of a combination of different construction materials in a suitable layering.


ALPHAcoustic AB.Fos Sine

ALPHAcoustic – AB.Fos Sine is a proposal for sound-absorbing ceiling panels (ceiling baffles) that have a sinusoidal curve.

This is a variation of the ALPHAcoustic – AB.Fos Box, which give a different elegant aesthetic to the space, due to the curves they have.

Based on our many years of experience in creating innovative solutions for room acoustics since 1980, we are now able to offer a modern, flexible and efficient system to meet the lighting and acoustic needs of every space.

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