Acoustic Panels With Light


Acoustic & Lighting Panels ALPHAcousticFos is a new series of acoustic panels that combine acoustics with lighting. Named after the Greek word “ΦΩΣ” which means Light, these acoustic panels are wrapped with acoustic transparent fabric and appropriated with lighting systems that allow direct and/or indirect lighting.

Besides excellent acoustics, they are designed with the aim of providing interior architects and mechanical lighting consultants complete acoustic and lighting solutions.

Due to their highly absorptive characteristics, they reduce disturbing noise reflections and reverberated noise, improving interior acoustics and offering a better acoustic environment. At the same time, they can be adjusted to the illuminative needs of every space.

Coexistence of Acoustics and Lighting:

In case there are no requirements for large illuminating surfaces, but a need to improve room acoustics, the ALPHAcoustic-Fos panels can be combined with the purely acoustic panels ALPHAcoustic-Fabric, which provide a similar aesthetic.

As such, it is possible to combine different rectangular/polygon/round frame shapes of varying thicknesses and cover their external surface with a wide variety of acoustic fabrics. (please refer to ALPHAcoustic CL Fabric Color Catalog).

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