ALPHA ACOUSTIKI with its specialized expertise in the field of anti-vibration protection, collaborated to plan the safe and intact transfer of various antiquities from the Archaeological Museum of Athens to museums around the world. The National Archaeological Museum chose our company for anti-vibration protection of antiquities during their transport.

A thorough evaluation of the danger (impact resistance) and the many vibration and shock kinds that could harm the antiques during transportation was done before choosing the right anti-vibration dampers. Research was done on the potential frequencies and ranges that artifacts might experience while being transported.
Antiquities Antivibration Transfer

Subsequently, the antiquities were categorized according on their type, weight, construction material, measurements, etc. to determine the most suitable anti-vibration technique for their effective installation in the specially designed wooden crates. The box-in-a-box approach was selected for transportation. With this procedure, the antiquity is effectively placed within a floating box, and the new system is transported inside a larger wooden crate. The purpose of the unique anti-vibration devices is to isolate vibrations and provide impact resistance by placing them between the two boxes.

One of the products chosen for their safe transport was Vibro-EP. It is an anti-vibration pad designed and manufactured in Greece. It consists of a mixture of elastomeric materials with the addition of special substances, with the aim of improving the anti-vibration properties. Its special design with longitudinal holes helps to increase recoil and thus improve shock absorption.

Depending on the static load in kilograms, Vibro-EP is available in different hardnesses to achieve optimal vibration absorption in each case. The applications of Vibro-EP vary and include anti-vibration mounting for mechanical equipment, floating bases for industrial floors, constructions of floating floors in studios.

Antiquities Antivibration Transfer


Another product chosen was Vibro-3D. This anti-vibration base presents the important advantage of protection against vibrations in all directions. Vibro-3D is designed to accept impulse loads in all three axes, both vertical (compression and tension) and horizontal, presenting a high ability to absorb shocks & vibrations from any direction without the risk of failure.


The Vibro-3D triaxial loading shock absorber is the best option for transportation by air, sea, or land where forces are applied in all directions. It also features a unique mechanism for adjusting height. Its uses extend beyond anti-vibration dampening in the transportation of antiques to include anti-seismic protection of machinery, pipes, and mechanical equipment supports.



The antiques’ transportation-related vibrations and shocks were reduced to zero, based on tests taken with specialized recording equipment. Through this partnership with the Archaeological Museum, ALPHA Acoustiki helps ensure that cultural legacy is safeguarded for upcoming generations. By applying its expertise, it guarantees the dissemination of art and culture across global borders. So that everyone has the chance to witness it up close, the ancient Greek civilization tours the globe.Box-in-a-box antivibration design

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