Alphacoustic products at the Music World Expo 2016

We are pleased to announce that Alpha Acoustiki will be participating at the World Music 2016 Expo that will be taking place at Zapion Megaro from the 13-15 May 2016

During the exhibition we will be presenting our new series of innovative acoustic products POLYFON, a pioneer series of acoustic treatment products which have the following main characteristics: Sound Absorption, Sound Diffusion and Low frequency Absorption

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Additionally, POLYFON products can easily transform the acoustics of a space whilst offering variable acoustics (Reverberation Time), an example of such a product is POLYFON-S.

POLYFON-S is an innovative broadband acoustic slab that combines Sound Absorption & Diffusion characteristics. It consists of the POLYFON-S Base and the Diffuser Membrane (DM).

The POLYFON-S base is polyurethane flexible foam slab, with a sculpted design, that effectively absorbs the sound energy and reduces the reverberation time. The DM part is a flexible Diffuser Membrane, with a smooth radius, which creates a 2D deflector that effectively spreads high frequency reflections.  It is also possible to achieve 3D acoustic diffusion is installing POLYFON-S acoustic panels in two perpendicular directions.

Additionally,  the DM improves the low frequency absorption coefficient; it acts as a sound absorption membrane. The DM element can be either acrylic, plywood, HPL “formica” or others radius membranes.

The main advantages of the series POLYFON products is that they offer a sound-absorbing ranges in a range of audio frequencies, acoustic variable, ease of installation and low cost.

Music World 2016 addressees music lovers, composers and producers, but also those professionally engaged in the wider field of sound, lighting and image, in the fields of entertainment and installation. The exhibition will also host conferences, seminars for music technology, sound, lighting, etc., musical events and concerts that will take place at Zappeio Megaro.

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