Alpha Acoustiki S.A.: Our Eco-Journey on Environmental Sustainability

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In the modern business world, sustainable mobility and environmental awareness are integral parts of a successful and responsible company that respects the environment. Alpha Acoustiki S.A., through its practical business decisions, demonstrates that environmental protection is not just about beautiful words and promises but is implemented with specific actions in practice. By doing so, the company adopts practices that promote sustainability and environmental protection within its operations.

Discover what we are practically doing regarding our direction toward the completion of our Corporate Social Responsibility:


Solar Panels

More specifically, the company has installed appropriate solar panels, which cover its electricity needs at the headquarters. This move not only reduces its dependence on conventional fuels but also lowers the company’s carbon footprint.



Electric Vehicle for City Transport

The company uses electric and hybrid vehicles for city transport, promoting sustainable mobility. Electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly as they do not emit pollutants and help reduce air pollution. This choice demonstrates the company’s determination to operate with sustainability in mind, contributing to the effort to secure a better environment for future generations.




izifon material Use and Promote Recycled MaterialsSound Insulation Recycled Rubber Sheet ISOLfon – ReRub

The company uses and promotes recycled materials to create new products designed and produced in Greece. It also offers products with a high content of recycled raw materials in its product range. Typical examples include ISOLFON-ReRub, made from recycled car tires, ISOLFON ReBond from recycled foam materials, and iZifon, made from recycled plastic bottles. These products not only contribute to sustainability but also promote the circular economy.




The company is engaged in fabric recycling, ensuring that textile waste is repurposed and does not end up in landfills. Through the use of special “AFIS” bins, the company recycles batteries. It also participates through the relevant ELECTROCYCLE in the recycling of old electrical devices. All these initiatives help conserve resources and reduce environmental pollution.


Participation in Tree Planting

The company’s staff participates annually in tree planting with drought-resistant plants, suitable for the Greek climate.


Employee Mobilization

Some of our employees inspire with their decision to use electric and regular bicycles for their commutes. In this way, they contribute to reducing emissions and promote their health and well-being. This fact particularly pleases us as these employees align with the company’s principles and visions.


ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO14001 Certification

The company is certified with ISO14001, ensuring that all its products are designed and produced according to the highest environmental management standards. This certification confirms our dedication to maintaining quality and sustainability.


Commitment to Circular Economy and Sustainability

Even with a long history of sustainable practices, our company aims to achieve more goals in the circular economy and sustainability. One of these goals is to achieve an ESG report (Environmental, Social, and Governance), which highlights practices that promote sustainability, environmental protection, the quality of relationships with employees and communities served, and the company’s governance practices. This contributes to further promoting sustainable development and corporate responsibility towards society and the environment.


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Achievement of the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development goals

Having achieved many of its goals, our company is moving towards achieving all 17 UN sustainable development goals as outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This ambitious pursuit reflects the company’s commitment to global sustainability standards and its role in fostering a better future for all.


Through these specific initiatives, ALPHA ACOUSTIKI S.A not only demonstrates its leadership in environmental management but also sets a strong example for other similar businesses. The company’s commitment to sustainability and its ongoing efforts to minimize environmental impact underline its role as a pioneer in promoting a sustainable and responsible business model.



Join us on this journey towards sustainability and environmental awareness.


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