ALPHA Acoustiki pleased to announce collaboration with Viblens – Spain

ALPHA Acoustiki SA is pleased to present our new partner in Spain specialised in vibration control and acoustic solutions. Acoustic comfort is a critical parameter in the construction industry in Spain, therefore acoustic panels, acoustic underlays and vibration isolators are critical products in securing the required acoustic comfort.

By joining forces with well-established Viblens, ALPHA Acoustiki aims to harness cutting-edge technologies to develop comprehensive vibration isolation solutions that mitigate these challenges effectively. Those vibration absorption solutions could be used in music studios, in hi-fi spaces but also in industrial and mechanical applications.Viblens Antivibration Technology - Spain

Viblens mission is to provide high quality acoustic solutions to offer increased acoustic comfort to its clients and reduce the impact of unwanted sound to domestic and commercial applications. help customers reduce and control the impact of noise and vibration on various projects. Innovation and commitment throughout the entire process fits perfectly with ALPHA Acoustiki’s way of dealing with partners. Being prompt, transparent and having solid technical qualifications are some  core values of our company, which we carry throughout our collaborations.

By combining research and development capabilities, antivibration services with ALPHA Acoustiki’s industry-leading expertise for over 45 years and vibration isolation products, the two companies can find new fields of exchange in terms of performance, reliability, and sustainability.

Furthermore, the collaboration between ALPHA Acoustiki and Viblens has enormous potential in areas such as construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing facilities, where precision and stability are critical. Antivibration control devices for individual project needs can be applied not just in Spain and Greece, but across Europe. The cultural similarities between the 2 companies make the collaboration smoother and increase the efficiency and the final delivered outcome.

We hope for a long-term, fruitful and reliable cooperation!

ALPHA Acoustiki & Viblens

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