New Acoustic treatment projects in multi-purpose halls

We are proud to present our latest acoustic treatment projects in multi-purpose halls. They include cafes, presentation halls, sports & activities halls and also indoor playgrounds.

All of those projects were suffering from poor acoustics and specifically high reverberation time, which caused disturbance , low speech intelligibility and an overall bad environment for the attendees. The challenge in  acoustic treatment projects in multi-purpose halls is the variation of people (which also offer sound absorption) and also the limitations in spreading the acoustic absorption in several building elements (ceiling, floor, walls)

For that reason acoustic absorption panel ALPHAcoustic AP was used primarily in the ceiling to minimise the reflection caused from the non-absorptive floor, which could not be modified for architectural purposes.

Since 1978 that we have been active in architectural acoustics and acoustic treatment projects multi-purpose halls have always been a challenge. Especially the last years many bars, cafes and restaurants require additional multi purpose spaces for events, art galleries and presentations. Acoustic treatment is a vital parameter for those rooms and with this specific post we want to highlight the importance of an adequate acoustic environment in all the above mentioned spaces.

We are always excited to resolve acoustic treatment projects that require a balanced solution in terms of acoustic performance, ergonomics, aesthetics and cost-efficiency.

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