Acoustic improvement at Ant1medialab

We have recently completed with great success the acoustic design and implementation of sound absorbing materials for acoustic improvement in one of the biggest Greek TV channel music studios.

The acoustic solution that was provided was a combination of acoustic materials installed on the walls and ceiling of Ant1medialab.

As it is easily understood, reflected sounds can be both good and bad. The good part is that they make music and overall sounds much more lively and louder than they would be without reflections. The two main ways to control reflected sound are by absorbing it with sound absorptive materials or by diffusing it by diffusers like ALPHAcoustic City and Diffuso.

In the specific project for the music studio, sound absorptive panels were used in order to reduce the reverberation time in the room. The color of the fabric of the panels was selected to aesthetically match to the color of the walls. As a result the acoustic improvement was achieved (by reducing the reverberation time). The products that were used were: Fabric wrapped acoustic panels ALPHAcoustic AP and Polymorphic foam based acoustic panel POLYfon.

Successful acoustic improvement projects that require a balanced solution for acoustic performance, ergonomics, aesthetics and the cost is for us a challenge and we are very pleased that ANT1 trusted us with this project.

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