New Acoustic Air Mesh Fabric for Acoustic Panels

We present our new catalog for our acoustic fabric used for acoustic panels in order to improve building acoustics and increase the sound absorption in interiors.

ALPHAcoustic-CL Type Air Mesh Sound transparent air mesh Fabric, offers low air-flow resistance and can be extensively used in acoustic panels or similar products that require fine aesthetics with high sound absorption. The soft, textured finish of the ALPHAcoustic CL acoustical fabric is ideal for wrapping or covering sound absorptive panels or speakers.

It is specially designed for sound transmissibility and aesthetic appearance, so it can be used for acoustic improvement in restaurants, bars, cafes, auditoriums, offices etc.

The acoustic air mesh fabric is ideal fabric for wrapping or covering sound absorption panels such as ALPHAcoustic-AP.C or ALPHAcoustic-AB that allow air passage through the holes in order for adequate amount of sound absorption to be achieved.

A variety of acoustically transparent or absorbent fabric, available by the yard for use on acoustic treatments or whatever other project you might be working on.

Our Acoustic Fabrics are of the finest quality and are available at competitive prices in order to resolve acoustic problems without spending a fortune. Please contact our technical sales department at +30 210 6779875 with questions on any of the ALPHAcoustic architectural acoustic improvement panels or products.

Click here to download our new catalog or press here for the acoustic panels of our company.

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