Acoustic Design by Alpha Acoustiki for Dino MFU’s Studio

Alpha Acoustiki did the acoustic design of the Dj Survival Concept Course music studio. Dino MFU said about the studio:

“The Masterclass Studio was built in August 2019 in cooperation with Athens Pro Audio and Alpha Acoustiki, two of the biggest sound and development companies in Greece. It was built as my personal studio but also as part of our DJ and production school, DJ Survival, and is located in Glyfada, Athens, Greece.”


[image thumb_width=”300″ thumb_height=”200″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”Dj Survival school”][/image]

[image thumb_width=”300″ thumb_height=”200″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”Acoustics Lecture by Alpha Acoustiki”][/image]

[image thumb_width=”300″ thumb_height=”200″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”Acoustic Design by Alpha Acoustiki”][/image]


The acoustics of a music production studio is incredibly important. The acoustic design of a studio must achieve very high soundproofing from the outside world, flat reverberation time on the audible frequencies (20 Hz – 20 KHz) as well as be in line with the acoustic parameters of the European Broadcasting Union. In the article Dino said: “The supreme acoustics provide a sweet spot position for the producer, but also for six students in the studio. The stereo image is just fantastic and crystal clear.”

We are really grateful to be featured on the article “Show Off Your Studio: Dino MFU’s motivational Masterclass Studio” on MusicTec.

Read the article from MusicTech HERE.

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