ALPHA Acoustiki at Acoustic Days in Finland

The Acoustical Society of Finland, on November 15-16 in the city of Tampere will host the Acoustics Days Conference. The aim of the conference is promoting knowledge and innovation in the field of acoustics and vibration control bringing together experts and enthusiasts alike. For the first time the conference will be open to non-Finnish-speaking people, so Alpha Acoustiki will be proud to participate and exhibit high standard acoustic & antivibration products. Our partner in Finland “JV Tuonti Oy” will also be present in the conference.

What to Expect at the Conference

Alpha Acoustiki‘s participation in the Acoustics Days Conference promises to be an exciting and informative experience for the attendees. Some of the acoustics solutions for various spaces and industrial applications that will be exhibited in the Product Showcase are:

Vibro EP - Antivibration MountVibro-EP. The Vibro-EP rubber vibration isolation pads are the result of specialized research and have been produced in this form since 1989. They are made from first-rate elastomeric material mixed with special substances for its further antivibration improvement. Due to its high abrasion coefficient, Vibro-EP normally does not require to be fixed using screws, glue, or plugs. It can be placed under machinery, metal supports of machinery or under concrete floating inertia supports, in single or multiple layers. Its longitudinal holes increase the provided compression and improve vibration absorption.

Vibro-JS. The anti-vibration jack-up spring mount Vibro-JS is an advanced vibration control system for raised concrete floating floors. Vibro-JS consists of a metal shell. Inside the shell a spring is placed, to absorb the vibrations. The poured concrete does not touch the supporting floor and so the sound bridge between the floating floor and the supportingVibro SMR - Antivibration Mount floor is avoided.

Vibro-SMR. The anti-vibration spring mounts Vibro-SMR are multi-directional anti-vibration restraints with adjustable height. Vibro-SMR can be used for low-frequency vibration controls (low-speed rotation 400 rpm upwards) that also require lateral and vertical restraint and protection from earthquakes and excess wind pressure. They can sustain forces of the tension, compression, and shear. They can easily be installed according to the instructions followed in this video .

ALPHAcoustic – AP. ALPHAcoustic – AP are premium quality acoustic panels with a great variety of fabrics and colors. They eliminate disturbing noise reflections, improve the interior acoustics, reduce the reverberated noise, and offer a better acoustic environment.

ALPHAcoustic – OCEANOS. Award winning OCEANOS is an elegant, innovative two-dimensional quadratic acoustic diffuser. Its curved contoured surface has an ocean wave appearance. On its basic version, OCEANOS diffuser can absorb low frequency sound energy because of its membrane-type construction. It can also be painted in any color, creating unique interior aesthetics.

In ALPHA Acoustiki’s booth the attendees will also meet the company’s team of experts that will be on hand to provide insights into the science of Vibration control and Acoustics. They can answer questions, offer advice, and discuss case studies.

Why is participation important?

We strongly believe that the conference is an excellent platform for networking with peers and professionals in the acoustics field from Finland, Scandinavia & the rest of Europe, and that Alpha Acoustiki’s presence adds an extra layer of industry expertise to these interactions.

The Acoustics Days Conference in Tampere, Finland, is an invaluable opportunity for academics, professionals, and engineers in the field of acoustics to come together, share knowledge, and explore the latest acoustics innovations. Alpha Acoustiki’s participation adds a significant dimension to antivibration solutions and their profound impact on the world of acoustics.

For more details and technical solutions regarding acoustics and vibration isolation, you can contact the company’s technical department. If you’re interested in vibration isolation products in Finland, please contact our partner in Vantaa (+358400244200 |

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