Acoustic baffles ALPHAcoustic-AB in open office

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd has collaborated with INVENTOR AG SA, one of the leading companies in the field of air conditioning in order to improve the acoustics of the latter’s facilities in Agios Stefanos.

Sound insulation and proper acoustics in the workplace, particularly in open offices, is an important part of the optimal efficiency and performance of employees, as the reduction of noise distractions  enhances the concentration and productivity of employees and improves business operations

The experienced engineers of ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd, following the measurements they made in the office space using special instruments and the acoustic study they performed, concluded that the most appropriate soundproofing solution, to fulfill the needs of the company and its premises, are the ALPHAcoustic – AB panels.

Vertically hanged acoustic baffles ALPHAcoustic-AB

ALPHAcoustic-AB are vertically hanged acoustic baffles totally wrapped with acoustic transparent fabric. Due to the two highly absorptive sides of the baffle, ALPHAcoustic-AB offer high sound absorption. They offer reduction of the disturbing noise reflections, improving the interior acoustics, reducing the reverberated noise, offering a better acoustic environment and also an aesthetic improvement, without disrupting the operation of the air conditioning and lighting system.

With the contribution of the ALPHAcoustic – AB panels, the acoustics of the space have been improved and the level of noise and echo have been significantly reduced

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