Transparent Noise Barrier: <b>ALPHAfon- TB</b>

Transparent Noise Barrier: ALPHAfon- TB

Transparent noise barriers ALPHAfon-TB are used when noise insulation and visual contact are simultaneously required. They can be used in motorways, railways, schools and building sites.

They offer high light transmissibility, crash endurance 10 kj/m2 (ISO 179/1D), hardness Rockwell 90 (ASTM D785), minimal water absorption 0,30 % (ISO R 62). ALPHAfon-TB offers very good noise insulation, proportional with the width of the material. (Do not hesitate to request the sound insulation certificates)

Transparent noise barriers ALPHAfon-TB are often used in projects that require high architectural aesthetics.

In order to achieve optimum acoustic results we carry out advanced, scientific acoustic studies that predict,evaluate and recommend the correct selection of the transparent noise barrier.

Some applications of Transparent Noise barriers ALPHAfon-TB are shown below:

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