Soundproofing – Sound absorbing Fireproof slabs <b>ISOLFON-FireX – FGT.BAR</b>

Soundproofing – Sound absorbing Fireproof slabs ISOLFON-FireX – FGT.BAR

ISOLFON-FireX – FGT.BAR offers a reliable solution to noise reduction needs, with increased fire safety requirements.

FireX consists of two layers of sound-absorbing foam with heavy acoustic membrane between them.

The sound absorbing foam FireX is specially impregnated flexible polyurethane foam with excellent fire resistivity. Impregnation is an additional process that offers in the impregnated foams more resistant to fire.

In its visible side is covered with a heavy fireproof textile  FGT (glass fiber fabric) which protects against heat and flame, mechanical injury, moisture, oil and dust.

Upon request can be covered with reinforced aluminium foil type FireX – AL.BAR.

The intermediate acoustic Barrier membrane is a viscoelastic  elastomer sheet with 5 kg/m2 weight in order to increase its noise insulation properties.

No burning droplets/particles. Low smoke production.


• Noise control at the source

• Industrial, marine and mechanical soundproofing

• Acoustic foam with flame retardant characteristics for factories and automotive applications

• Suitable for marine engine rooms, vehicle engines compartment, engine cabins, boiler rooms and generally for every application with increased fire safety and durability requirements.


ISOLfon-FireX – FGT.BAR Technical Characteristics:

Sound absorbing foam FireX

Density:  > 50 kg/m 3  (ISO 845)

Fire behavior: M1 (NFP 92-501) HF1 (UL94) & SE (MVSS 302)

Temperature limits of applicability:  -50°C, +120°C

Coefficient of thermal conductivity:  0.037 W/mK (10°C)

FGT Lining

Consistency: Glass fiber fabric coated with aluminium grey

Density: 430 gr/m2

Fire behavior: M1 (NFP 92-501)

Temperature limits of applicability: +400°C (continuous), +550°C (instantaneously)

Shape and Dimensions:

Shape / Form factor:   Slabs

Dimensions: 485x980mm ± 3mm

Thickness: 27mm ± 2mm

Sound absorption coefficient


Sound reduction index


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