Sound Insulation Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier: <b>ISOLfon-BARRIER </b>

Sound Insulation Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier: ISOLfon-BARRIER

ISOLfon-BARRIER is a soundproofing membrane that increases the transmission loss of walls and ceilings, and especially in light/dry construction.

Thanks to their viscoelastic properties this soundproofing material, its high surface weight, its small thickness, its high mechanical resistance and flexibility, ISOLfon-BARRIER  is one of the most practical sound insulation membranes for light and dry partitions that require a thin sound proofing material.

The above soundproofing material is produced from high density elastomeric viscoelastic EPDM. It is environment friendly, without asphalt or other hazardous materials. ISOLfon-BARRIER  heavy loaded mass vinyl can soundproof a wide temperature range without softening, melting, cracking etc, maintaining the same insulation performance.

Types – Dimensions

  • ISOLfon-BARRIER  10kg/m2 | sheets 100 x 120cm x 5mm
  • ISOLfon-BARRIER  5 kg/m2 rolls 5m x 100cm x 2,5mm
  • ISOLfon-BARRIER  3,5 kg/m2 rolls 5m x 100cm x 1,8mm

Applications of the Viscoelastic Mass loaded vinyl

  • Airborne sound insulation for light constructions with steel sheet, plasterboard, bricks, plastic sheets, wood, MDF, drainage pipes etc, or as suspended insulating curtains with the appropriate support.
  • Impact sound insulation for applications like doors, floating floors, partition walls, machine enclosures, vehicle floors, etc.
  • Vibration damping for metal sheets, plastic sheets, drain pipes, vehicle walls and floors, etc.
  • Combinations ISOLfon-BARRIER  can be combined with sound absorption materials (such as ISOLFON-SEP) and/or as bonded to rigid elements like wooden, plaster, plastic or metal sheets, achieve even higher degrees of sound insulation and vibration damping.


  • They can be applied on any surface – either flat or curved.
  • No requirement for special tools for handling and installation.
  • They can be cut in size and shape with a conventional knife.
  • They can be applied with glue or mechanical fixing.

Fire behaviour: HF1 (UL94), SE (MVSS 302)
Temperature range: -30°C, +130°C (continuous use)

ISOLfon-BARRIER Rw (C+Ctr) = 26 (0,-3) dB

ISOLfon-BARRIER 10 Rw (C+Ctr) = 28 (0,-3) dB

Drywall 2+2 plasterboards

On top of the Rw improvement by 5 dB, there is an additional 5-10 dB improvement at the frequency range of 1500-4000 Hz.

That is the range of frequencies we commonly face at homes and offices.

ISOLfon-BARRIER  are shown below:

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