Silencers:<b> ALPHAfon- SE</b>

Silencers: ALPHAfon- SE

ALPHAfon-SE Silencers consist of a cylindrical body. Inside sound absorvant elements are installed.
Every Surface is painted with special temperature resistand paint.

ALPHAfon-SE Silencers offer:

  • High sound reduction
  • Advanced design of absorptive baffles
  • Low pressure drop
  • Customised sizes
  • Technical support

For the choice of the optimal silencer for every application, the following parameters are mandatory:

  • Type, temperature and pressure of gas. Hose diameter, acceptable pressure drop, position of silencer.
  • The required sound reduction or the emitted sound level and the required noise level.

Contact our technical department for more information regarding your specific application.

Some applications of the Silencers Alphafon-SE are shown below:

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