Modular Acoustic Panel: <b>ALPHAcoustic- Puzl</b>

Modular Acoustic Panel: ALPHAcoustic- Puzl

ALPHAcoustic-Puzl is a modular acoustic panel wrapped with acoustic transparent fabric, that reduces the disturbing noise reflections and improves interior acoustics.

Its modular design makes it the perfect selection for any interior designer and acoustic engineer who wants to create a custom vibrant look. The unique shape of the panel allows the possibility to create a really personal, minimalistic composition that will assist, not only in the visual excellence of a space, but also in the acoustic result that is needed for each project.

Modular acoustic panel ALPHAcoustic-Puzl can be easily placed on the wall with its simple hanging system at the back of the panel. They can be suspended from the ceiling from adjustable cable, like a puzzle.

Standard Diameter: 700mm

Thickness: 50, 80,100 mm

(Different shapes, dimensions and thickness can be fabricated upon request).

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