Acoustical Circle Panel <b>ALPHAcoustic- Kiklos </b>

Acoustical Circle Panel ALPHAcoustic- Kiklos

ALPHAcoustic-Kiklos is a round sound absorptive cloud acoustic panel that is specifically designed to achieve maximum sound absorption at a specific acoustic range band. The oval-circular sound absorptive cloud acoustic panel with its easy, simple and quick installation can upgrade office, commercial and professional spaces. Kiklos enhances rooms acoustically and aesthetically by creating a canvas of shapes whilst reducing disturbing noise reflections and reverberated noise.

The custom shapes variety of Kiklos acoustic panel (ellipse, octagon, triangle, pentagon etc.) allows it to blend perfectly with the characteristics of any space. The easy to use hanging system, allow the panel to be installed and adjusted according to design and acoustic requirements.

Standard Diameters: 80,100,120,200 cm

Thickness: 50, 80,100 mm

(Different shapes, dimensions and thickness can be fabricated upon request).

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