Acoustic Louver: <b>ALPHAfon- AL</b>

Acoustic Louver: ALPHAfon- AL

Acoustic louver ALPHAfon-AL is available in a number of colors and in 3 basic materials: galvanised metal sheet, aluminum and stainless steel.

ALPHAfon-AL has semi aerodynamic horizontal sound absorptive inclined louver blades.

They are scientifically formed to combine low pressure drop, rain protection and increased sound reduction.

Acoustic louver ALPHAfon-AL is available in 2 different types:

  • ALPHAfon-AL TYPE 1 with 300 mm depth.
  • ALPHAfon-AL ΤYPE 2 with 600 mm depth with double louver blades for improved sound reduction.

Typical applications include:


  • Air Conditioning Applications
  • Ventilation Applications
  • Generator Sets
  • Working spaces with natural ventilation
  • Louver doors


  • Cooling towers
  • Air cooling chillers
  • Refrigeration machines

ALPHAfon-AL can be manufactured in pieces if it exceeds the maximum above dimensions.


Acoustic Characteristics

Aerodynamic Characteristics


Some applications of the Acoustic Louver – ALPHAfon-AL are shown below:

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