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This year ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd will participate in the Big 5 Show in Dubai, displaying soundproofing materials for building and engineering applications. This exhibition has been established as the largest and most successful construction event in the Middle East not only for soundproofing materials but also for the insulation and construction materials industry in general… read more →

Alpha Acoustiki is happy to announce it’s collaboration with Wave Music Centre in Malta. This partnership will further promote our soundproofing and acoustic treatment solutions in Malta as Wave Music Centre is a key player in its field. Wave Music Centre was established in 2001 and the company took off as a tuition centre and.. read more →

We are proud to announce our new collaboration with Bedrock audio instruments. ALPHA Acoustiki is the exclusive partner of Bedrock Sound level Meters in Greece and Cyprus. This new addition, offers not only commercial value but also technical capabilities in regards to accurate sound level measurements which lead to better acoustic consultancy. About Bedrock Bedrock brand.. read more →

In addition to the right soundproofing materials to avoid noise leakage to sound receivers, a particularly important acoustic factor is the right architectural acoustics inside an acoustically sensitive area. The overall sense of satisfaction that a patron receives from a hospitality space is heavily dependent on the acoustic comfort that is defined by the sound.. read more →

Introduction In relation with all other environmental factors the effect of unwanted sound or noise is an important and popular topic for research worldwide. Noise seems to cause decentralization, frustration and decrease of performance in employees. During the last decades, there has been a change in the architecture layout of office buildings. From the traditional.. read more →