Acoustics, noise and vibration control products

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd designs, produces and exports architectural acousticsnoise controlbuilding acoustics and antivibration products.

These products can be purchased off-the-self for your DIY applications – you are welcome to study the products’ specifications in these pages. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have!

Alternatively, for guaranteed and stress-free acoustic results, we can provide a complete solution in applications regarding noise control from all types of noise sources, designing and manufacturing key-turn studios, reducing the noise in dwellings (between floors, ceilings and walls). Click here for an indicative project gallery, carried out by our group of specialized engineers.

Metal Noise Barrier: <br /><b>ALPHAfon- MB</b>
Metal Noise Barrier:
A quick and economical solution for sound absorption and noise insulation
Acoustic Doors: <b>ALPHAfon- AD</b>
Acoustic Doors: ALPHAfon- AD
Available in metal or timber, they can be fabricated in different sizes in order to cover all possible requirements
Transparent Noise Barrier: <b>ALPHAfon- TB</b>
Transparent Noise Barrier: ALPHAfon- TB
Used when noise insulation and visual contact are simultaneously required
Acoustic Louver: <b>ALPHAfon- AL</b>
Acoustic Louver: ALPHAfon- AL
Providing sound insulation, innovative design and weather protection at a reduced width